Our Practice

We offer advice on strategy, due diligence, partnership opportunities, and best practices in philanthropy. Christine Sherry brings a thirty-year career of leadership in the foundation sector, business, law and global affairs to her consulting. She engages a team of researchers whose talents are specifically matched to client needs. In addition to her specialized coaching, Christine is a visiting practitioner with the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and teaches philanthropy through the Stanford Continuing Studies program.


• On March 29th, Christine was in conversation with Dave Peery of the Peery Foundation at a special event for the J.P. Morgan Philanthropy Centre in Seattle, Washington. The event also highlighted our two-part publication that brings to life the theory and practice of philanthropy, authored by Sherry Consulting with the Philanthropy Centre of J.P. Morgan. The report can be found here.

• On March 12th, Christine moderated a panel for the Social Impact Collective’s Discovery Weekend in Half Moon Bay. The event brought together a cohort of individuals to share insights into philanthropic practices such as impact evaluation, assessing nonprofit organizations, and navigating family foundations. Christine’s session explored some of the challenges that multi-generational families face in making decisions on philanthropy and social impact. The panel featured Matthew and Jason Goldman of the Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund, as well as Megan McTiernan of the Thomson Family Foundation.

• On February 20th, Christine moderated the opening plenary panel of the 2017 National Summit on Family Philanthropy, a two-day conference for donors and philanthropic professionals to discuss challenges and opportunities within the field. Since 2011, the National Summit has provided family donors with concrete recommendations and resources for improving their giving practices. Christine’s opening panel explored how the disruptive thinking prominent in the technology community is shifting new philanthropic trends in focus, impact, and legacy. The panel featured Bob Maxfield, co-founder of ROLM Corporation; Cindy Mercer, co-founder of Planet Heritage Foundation; and Deborah Rappaport, president of the Rappaport Family Foundation. Further information can be found here.

This fall, Christine returned to Stanford Continuing Studies with “Philanthropy in the Age of Innovation,” a day-long workshop focused on new approaches to strategic giving. Incorporating concrete tools and resources, a variety of case studies, and a panel of guest speakers, the seminar explored innovative methods of impact tracking; grantee-centric giving; techniques for leveraging due diligence; and emerging issues of philanthropic attention.

Publications & Insights

Report: Making an Impact: A Guide to Strategic Philanthropy, a collaboration with the J.P. Morgan Philanthropy Centre.

Blog: Ideas42: Using Behavioral Science to Influence Giving Patterns

Established in 2008 as a research project at Harvard University, Ideas42 has grown into an 80 person nonprofit that uses behavioral science to address topics in criminal justice, development, education, health, and philanthropy. The organization draws upon research in economics, neuroscience, and psychology in order to nudge people toward choices that benefit themselves and society at large. Through their work, Ideas42 seeks to explain why people tend to behave irrationally and apply those conclusions toward advancing social wellbeing. Continue reading here.