A Software Revolution for the Social Good

In his recent article for Recode, Benetech Founder and CEO Jim Fruchterman calls for a software revolution within the social sector. Although software development and data analysis have had a transformative effect on commercial products and companies, particularly in Silicon Valley, philanthropy and nonprofits have not experienced similar benefits from progress in technology. However, if a focused effort was made toward the social sector, this same technology could be used to scale successful solutions, identify new opportunities, and demonstrate impact to donors and stakeholders. Software and data could be used, for example, to connect America’s half-million homeless persons with the 100,000 organizations that provide critical social services. Although these organizations conduct extensive on-the-ground outreach, many of those in need remain overlooked and do not get connected to the services that are available to them. As Fruchterman explains, “We need to shift our philanthropic mentality away from funding one-off projects to a model that drives systematic change across entire fields.”

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