Our Practice

We offer advice on strategy, due diligence, partnership opportunities, and best practices in philanthropy. Christine Sherry brings a thirty-year career of leadership in the foundation sector, business, law and global affairs to her consulting. She engages a team of researchers whose talents are specifically matched to client needs. In addition to her specialized coaching, Christine teaches philanthropy through the Stanford Continuing Studies program.


• On February 2nd, Christine will be facilitating the first “Advocacy is Everywhere” Deep Dive Workshop at the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2) in Redwood City. In this workshop, we will explore the ways in which advocacy can play an essential role toward social change, as participants consider how advocacy can be an effective element of their philanthropic toolkit. The event begins at 9:00am and will feature guest speakers Amanda Stanley, Executive Director of COMPASS Science Communications, and Rebekah Saul Butler, Co-Executive Director of The Grove Foundation. Further information can be found here.

• This fall, Christine returned to Stanford Continuing Studies to teach a new course entitled Philanthropy 2017: New Politics, New Realities. Since the November 2016 election, America has witnessed a dramatic shift in its political climate and policy priorities. The course explored the ways in which nonprofits, philanthropists, and the general public have mobilized resources and developed an organized response on a variety of issues ranging from immigration and environmental protection, to health care and civil rights. Guest speakers included Rebekah Saul Butler (Andy Grove Foundation), Mary Enright and Eiten Fenson (Indivisible), John Silver (New Mexico Fund), Amanda Stanley (Compass), and Kenji Treanor (Sobrato Foundation).

• On March 29th, Christine was in conversation with Dave Peery of the Peery Foundation at a special event for the J.P. Morgan Philanthropy Centre in Seattle, Washington. The event also highlighted our two-part publication that brings to life the theory and practice of philanthropy, authored by Sherry Consulting with the Philanthropy Centre of J.P. Morgan. The report can be found here.

• On March 12th, Christine moderated a panel for the Social Impact Collective’s Discovery Weekend in Half Moon Bay. The event brought together a cohort of individuals to share insights into philanthropic practices such as impact evaluation, assessing nonprofit organizations, and navigating family foundations. Christine’s session explored some of the challenges that multi-generational families face in making decisions on philanthropy and social impact. The panel featured Matthew and Jason Goldman of the Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund, as well as Megan McTiernan of the Thomson Family Foundation.

Publications & Insights

Report: Making an Impact: A Guide to Strategic Philanthropy, a collaboration with the J.P. Morgan Philanthropy Centre.

News: The 2020 Census

With the approach of the 2020 census, philanthropists and foundations may already be anticipating how to reevaluate their giving strategies in response to the country’s changing demographics. But several groups are working to engage funders with the census itself, stressing how devastating the consequences of an inaccurate or biased census could be for political enfranchisement, government funding, private sector investment, and all forms giving. Continue reading here.